Important Dates

20.05.2019 India ITME 2021 bookings open
31.12.2020 Cut off date for submitting online application form for space.
  The advance space rent payable (25%) plus 100% Security Deposit to be paid to confirm participation before 31.12.2020 However, stall allotment shall be done on the first-come-first-served basis subject to receipt of 100% payment.
30.04.2021 Balance space rent payable (75%)
Proforma Invoice for the space booked will be received by exhibitors via email on submission of application form.
Confirmation of stall allocation to exhibitors, submission of 100% space payment
31.09.2021 Certificate of participation issued to exhibitors.
30.07.2021 Submission of stall plans, design and machinery layouts by the exhibitors.
31.08.2021 Stall plans, design and machinery layouts approved and return to exhibitors.
03.12.2021 Starts move in of certified heavy / large exhibits from the 00.01 hours of 3rd December 2021 (Official freight forwarders only)
04.12.2021 Starts possession of space only exhibitors & special design booth contractors – 8.00 hours of 4th December 2021 onward
05.12.2021 Starts possession of shell scheme booth exhibitors & contractors – 14.00 hours hours of onward 5th December 2021 onward
06.12.2021 Starts trial of exhibits
07.12.2021 Ends construction of stall -12.00 hours
07.12.2021 Final hall stall cleaning – 12:00 hours onwards
07.12.2021 Laying of carpet in aisles -12.00 hours onwards
08.12.2021 Inauguration
08.12.2021 to 13.12.2021 INDIA ITME 2021 Exhibition duration
Access for Exhibitors to Halls: 08.00 hours to 19.00 hours
Opening hours for visitors: 09.30 hours to 18.00 hour
13.12.2021 Starts dismantling and removal of stalls 20.00 hours
15.12.2021 Ends dismantling of stalls 23.59 hours

* Dates are subject to change without prior notice.

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