Rules and Regulations


The authority for execution of the regulations and guidelines of INDIA ITME 2021 and all other matters with regard to the Exhibition is that of the India ITME Society referred to for brevity as the “Exhibition Authority”. The Exhibition Authority will carry out its responsibilities and obligations through its Chief Executive Officer viz. Executive Director and Office-Bearers with the support of the Steering Committee and Sub-Committees and other authorized representatives.

The Exhibition Authority is vested with full authority to enforce all regulations pertaining to the Exhibition. Its decision will be final and binding in all respects and for all concerned.

All communications regarding INDIA ITME 2021 should be sent at the following address:

The Executive Director
India ITME Society
1210/1211/1212 Dalamal Tower,
\'A\' Wing, 12th Floor,
Plot No.211, Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021, (INDIA)
Tel: +91-22-4972 4603 / 2202 0032 / 2285 1579
M: +91 9820 507570
E-mail: itme@india-itme.com
Website : www.india-itme.com

The 11thInternational Exhibition of Machinery for Textile, Knitting, Hosiery, Embroidery, Braiding, Garment units and information on Dyestuff & Chemicals products, Home Textiles, Textile Parks aims at bringing face to face under one roof buyers and sellers in a creative platform for mutual advantage and commercial interaction. The Exhibition is a vehicle to put on Show the most up-to-date products and services to a specialized and invited audience to benefit the order books of the exhibitors.

Thus, in INDIA ITME 2021 the exhibitors will endeavor:

  • 2.1 To exhibit and give live demonstration of state-of-the-art and new machinery, ancillary and auxiliary equipment’s and accessories required by textile mills, power looms, knitting, hosiery, embroidery, braiding and garment units for the manufacture or processing of yarn and/or fibres up to the fabric forming processes, for the weaving of fabrics, for the manufacture of nonwovens, for fabricating garments, etc.
  • 2.2 To display new technology machinery, equipment’s, supplies and services required by textile mills, power looms, knitting, hosiery, embroidery, braiding and garment units for dyeing/printing/digital printing/finishing processes.
  • 2.3 To display finished products for home textiles and furnishings.
  • 2.4 Integrated textiles parks
  • 2.5 To promote and stimulate general awareness and demand for new machinery, equipment and’ processes designed for more efficient textile operations.
  • 2.6 To demonstrate high speed, high productivity machinery and equipment which improves quality of products and finishes for broadening consumer demand at home and abroad.
  • 2.7 To illustrate to mill executives, technicians, textile professionals and students the progress of research and development in the field of textile manufacture.
  • 2.8 Project the expertise, capabilities and achievements of the Indian and international machinery manufacturers to the textile, knitting, hosiery, embroidery, braiding, garment units and information on dyestuff & chemicals products.
  • 2.9 To highlight the vast market in India and neighboring countries for advanced textile, knitting, hosiery, embroidery, braiding and garment units, components and parts.
  • 2.10 To exploit the vast business opportunities arising from India’s liberalized economic policy aimed at global integration.
  • 2.11 To explore the futuristic potential for growth of the textile engineering industry at the current millennium.


Dates: Wednesday 08th December 2021 to Monday 13th December 2021
Venue: India Exposition Mart Limited
Plot No. 25,27,28,29, Knowledge Park-||,
Greater Noida Express way, Greater Noida,
Uttar Pradesh -201306.
Halls Level Gross Area Available (sqm) Usable Height (sqm) Floor Loading Capacity (kg/sqm)
Hall 1 Ground Floor 3456 5.3 1500
Hall 3 Ground Floor 3456 5.3 1500
Hall 5 Ground Floor 3456 5.3 750
Hall 7 Ground Floor 3456 5.3 750
Hall 9 Ground Floor 6250 9.5 30000
Hall 10 Ground Floor 6250 9.5 30000
Hall 11 Ground Floor 6250 9.5 30000
Hall 12 Ground Floor 6250 9.5 30000
Hall 14 Ground Floor 6150 9.5 30000
Hall 15 Ground Floor 6150 9.5 30000
Hall 16 Ground Floor (Hanger) 14000 5.5 10000

* Hall no 2, 4, 6 & 8 mezzanine floor for non-machinery exhibition halls.

Only the following newly manufactured products (not second hand machines) of textile machinery, components, accessories, parts and product groups listed in India ITME 2021 “Index of Products” and pertaining to the exhibitors themselves are allowed to be displayed by the exhibitors. Products pertaining to chapters 15, only information booth are allowed.

Chapter 15 DYESTUFFS AND CHEMICAL PRODUCTS FOR THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY (only Information stall of 9sqm and above)

For details of exhibits visit website. http://dummy.india-itme.com/itmeexpo/Forexhibitor/index-of-product

6.1 For display of indigenous products

6.1 a) Manufacturers of textile machinery, components, accessories and parts.

6.1 b) Manufacturers of garment, knitting, hosiery, embroidery, braiding machinery and accessories.

6.1 c) Manufacturers of woolen, silk and jute machinery.

6.1 d) Manufacturers of spare parts, components, accessories and auxiliary equipment’s.

6.1 e) Research and Technical institutions pertaining to textiles and technology

6.1 f) Consultancy firms

6.1 g) Integrated Textile Parks

6.1 h) Manufacturers of home textiles.

6.1 i) Registered authorized agents and distributors of new textile machinery, allied supplies and services.

6.1 j) Associations and organizations representing/relating to the textile machinery and allied industries.

6.1 K) Government and semi-government organizations pertaining to textile and textile engineering industry.

6.2 For display of products made outside India. (* refer tariff no.7)

6.2 a) Direct by foreign textile machinery manufacturers.

6.2 b) Through Indian agents and collaborators

6.2 c) Through representative textile machinery associations and/or Embassies and Trade Offices representing their countries in India.

The basic rent payable for stall space in Exhibition is as under:

7.1 Bare Space (27 sq. mtrs. or above)

Indian Exhibitors Rs.22,400/- per sq. mtr.
Foreign Exhibitors US $ 320/- per sq. mtr.

• Maximum booth area which can be booked in India ITME 2021 is up to 432 sqm. This also includes 4 sides open booth.

7.2 Shell Scheme (18sq. mtrs. or above)

Indian Exhibitors Rs. 24,500/- per sq. mtr.
Foreign Exhibitors US $ 350/- per sq. mtr.

7.2 a) Subsidy & special package if applicable shall open once you fill up online application form as per your category / eligibility.

7.2 b) Foreign manufacturers have to pay in foreign exhibitor tariff.

7.2 c) Booking shall be confirmed once first Instalment is received and allocation is on first come basis on 100% payment only.

7.3 India ITME 2021 - Shell Scheme Package

List of furniture and fittings provided on the basis of the stall are under shell scheme
9 1 0 2 3 1 1 1
18 2 1 4 6 2 2 1
27 3 1 6 9 2 2 2
36 4 2 8 12 3 3 2
45 5 2 10 15 3 3 3
54 6 3 12 18 4 4 3
72 6 3 12 21 4 4 4

The Shell Scheme exhibitors are not required to pay electricity charges provided their electrical consumption is less than 1 kw for general lighting. They should order only their additional requirements, if any.

7.4 Space Alteration

7.4 a) No changes will be allowed with regards to space or type of booking after 30.04.2021.

7.4 b) After 30.04.2021, if Exhibitor under shell scheme wants to change their stall from shell scheme to bare space, the difference between shell scheme and bare space charges will not be refunded.

7.4 c) Prior to 30.04.2021 any changes from bare space to shell scheme shall be charged accordingly and shell scheme to bare shall be adjusted.

7.5 INR Tariff- Eligibility:

7.5 a) Company / firm of Indian origin registered and incorporated in India displaying products manufactured in India shall pay in INR tariff.

7.5 b) Indian agent /consultant / distributor of Indian companies / firms displaying / representing products manufactured in India shall pay in INR tariff.

7.5 c) Industrial association / textile R & D institute / textile educational institution / trade center registered and incorporated in India shall pay INR tariff.

7.5 d) Consulate/Embassy/Trade Commission in India representing foreign countries can pay in INR tariff provided they are distributing/promoting brochures & services of their office in India. No product & company can be promoted in these booths.

7.5 e) SSI Concession:

  • Micro and Small Scale units which are members of either Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association [TMMA(I)] or Indian Textile Accessories & Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (ITAMMA) for a minimum period of one year prior to to 31st March 2021, having manufacturing based in India and those who will book an area of not more than 36 sqm would be eligible for a concession of 10% on the space rental charges.
  • The applicants are required to upload corresponding years membership certificate as well as their SSI registration certificate in online application form.

7.6 USD Tariff- Eligibility:

7.6 a) Foreign companies / firms registered in abroad shall pay in USD tariff.

7.6 b) Sales and service offices of foreign companies / firms registered and incorporated in India displaying their brochures / promotional materials with exhibits shall pay in USD tariff.

7.6 c) In case of any pavilion formed under Consulate/Embassies/Trade commission displaying brochures & services of foreign companies shall pay in Foreign Tariff

7.7 Tariff for Mixed Exhibits

7.7 a) Exhibitor booth booked & shared by a foreign company along with Indian collaborator/ subsidiary / sales office / dealers / distributers / agents registered in India, shall be consider as Mixed Exhibitor.

7.7 b) In case of mixed exhibits, the area applied by Indian participants shall pay INR tariff and the area applied by foreign exhibitors shall pay USD tariff and guidelines are given below.

7.7 c) In mixed exhibit booth, area booked / occupied / utilized for display of Indian company / products shall pay INR tariff.

7.7 d) In mixed exhibit booth, area booked / occupied / utilized for display of Foreign company / products shall pay USD tariff.

7.7 e) Indian companies acting as agent / distributor/ consultant displaying brochures / promotional materials / products of foreign companies shall pay USD tariff.

7.7 f) For example: Under shell scheme booking Indian companies showcasing/promoting/representing Indian & foreign companies jointly in one booth under his company banner then shall pay 50:50 up to area 18sqm or as per dimension whichever is higher shall pay USD tariff.

7.7 g) In case of shell scheme booth area more than 18sqm, up to 36sqm shall pay USD tariff for minimum of 9sqm and from 37sqm to 72sqm shall pay USD tariff for minimum of 18sqm or total area occupied / utilized by foreign exhibit whichever is higher. Applicable in case of brochure display only.

7.7 h) In case of any product / machinery display by foreign company, separate application to be filled up for your principal shall pay in USD tariff.


  • SSI discount is not applicable for mixed exhibitor category.
  • In case of discrepancy is found in the exhibit details, the difference in space rentals shall be recovered with 18% penalty from the date of application & we shall forfeit the security deposit.

7.8 Taxation

Goods and Service Tax (as per Government Rule) @ 18.00% is payable with all the payments and will not be refunded.

7.8 a) Any taxes levied time to time by the Government shall be applicable even if not explicitly specified in this document.

7.8 b) Such taxes shall not be a reason for withdrawal by the exhibitors.

7.8 c) In case of any withdrawals the taxes shall not be refunded.

7.9 Security deposit

7.9 a) Beside the charges mentioned above, exhibitors need to pay a refundable security deposit to the organizers as per the table given below. These charges are payable with the first instalment.

Area Indian Foreign
9-54 sqm 25,000.00 US $ 350
55-108 sqm 50,000.00 US $ 700
109 sqm & 100,000.00 US $ 1400

7.9 b) Please note that the organizers will not process online application forms which are not accompanied by the necessary deposit (25% space rent plus 100% security deposit) to avoid unnecessary delays in registering your participation.

7.9 c) Security deposit along with the first instalment is a must for confirmation of application and booking.

7.9 d) Security deposits would be refunded to exhibitors without any interest approximately 60 days after the end of the exhibition, provided all dues payable by the exhibitor to the Organizers (including cost of damages caused by the exhibitor/authorized representatives of exhibitors, or damages/losses suffered by the Organizers due to any act/omission of the Exhibitor/agent) if any, are cleared and the exhibits have been removed from the exhibition grounds as per schedule.

7.9 e) Exhibitors must pay any other taxes, if due and also submit the TDS (Income Tax) certificate in original to claim the security deposit.

7.10 Open Side Charges

7.10 a) Open side charges are applicable irrespective of whether exhibitor applied for open side or allocated open side by the Exhibition Authority to suit the overall layout plan of the exhibition hall.

7.10 b) Mix Exhibitor : Open side chares will be charged to mix exhibitor as per their area bifurcation filled in application form.

7.10 c) Open sides charges shall be confirmed & payable to exhibitor immediately after the final allocation. If Exhibitor fail to make the payment in stipulated time Exhibition authority reserve the right to change the allocation.

The following additional charges for stand as below.

Space in Square Meters Open Sides
2 3 4*
First 50 Square meters 20% 30% 50%
Next 50 Square meters 10% 15% 25%
Over 100 Square Meters 0% 0% 0%

* 4 sides open stalls (Island stall) are permitted only for area > 300sqm and < 400sqm.


A stand of 300 square meters with 4 sides will be charged as follows:

First 1-50 Square meters x USD.320 + 50% USD.24000
Next 51-100 Square meters x USD.320 + 25% USD.20000
Over 101-300 Square meters x USD.320 USD.64000
Total amount due: USD.108000

7.11 Double Storey Stalls

7.11 a) Double Storey Stalls are allowed for exhibitors with a minimum ground floor area of 72 sqm onwards.

7.11 b) The upper storey of the space will be invoiced at 50% of the basic applicable rental charge plus taxes as applicable.

7.11 c) The upper storey is not subject to open side restrictions. The area of upper storey should not exceed 25% of the area booked.

7.11 d) The upper storey can be used only as a visitor hospitality lounge or meeting room.

7.11 e) Exhibit/display will not be permitted on the upper storey.

7.11 f) Design for the double storey stall will be approved by India ITME Society architect as per Do’s and Dont’s. Failing to do so, the area offered for double storey stalls will be cancelled and the amount paid for it will be refunded after deducting GST to exhibitors.

7.12 Payment Details

7.12 a) All payments are to be made by demand drafts or cheques drawn on any bank payable in Mumbai in favour of India ITME Society or through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) /NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)/SWIFT/TT Only as per details given on online application form.

7.12 b) The foreign participants can remit by Swift Transfer as per details given under online application form. Bank charges will be borne by the participants.

7.12 c) No exhibitor will be allowed to bring in the exhibits into the Exhibition ground if he is in arrears to the Exhibition Authority either towards space rentals/water connection/electricity/compressed air/telephone/internet or of any other nature. The receipt date of the payment will be considered of the date of actual realization /credit of amount in India ITME Society A/c.

8.1 For online application of booking of space at the Exhibition, should be apply at http://itme2021.india-itme.com/Forexhibitor/book_your_stall

8.2 Stall allotment will be done on the first-come-first-served basis, subject to receipt of 100% advance payment. Kindly book your stall early to get allocation on priority basis.

8.3 Applications which are completed and accompanied by the appropriate remittance will be considered.

8.4 There is no legal right of participation accruing to anybody. The Exhibition Authority in its sole discretion may deny participation to any applicant without disclosing any reason thereof.

8.5 Subletting, transferring and sharing of booth to third party is prohibited.

8.6 Exhibitors will not be allowed to display products which are not included in the application forms submitted to the Exhibition Authority.

8.7 Minimum Space Booking: The minimum area to be booked for a bare space is 27 sqm stall (9m X 3m) and for Shell scheme is 18 sqm (6m X 3m).

8.8 After submission of 100% space payment, exhibitor will get system generated priority number.

8.9 If the area allotted by the Exhibition Authority varies from the area applied for, to suit the requirements of overall layout of the Exhibition, the exhibitors will be liable to pay rent for the area actually allotted.

8.10 Taking into account the large number of visitors for India ITME 2021, exhibitors should leave a minimum of 30% of the area of the stall free for the movement of visitors to avoid congestion. Exhibitors are advised to bear this factor in mind while booking the space requirement.

9.1 Only Information stands are allowed for chapter 15, 18, 20 & 21 of Index of product starting from 9 sqm onwards.

9.2 Allocation of the position and dimensions of the stalls will be decided by the Exhibition Authority.

9.3 Stall allotment will be done on the first-come-first-served basis subject to receipt of 100% advance payment. It is to be appreciated that the exhibition authority will try their best to allocate the stalls.

9.4 The Exhibition Authority reserves the right to re-allocate the space allotted to the exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the Exhibition, should exceptional circumstances warrant such change to the location, size and dimensions of the stall.

9.5 Wait listed exhibitor shall be confirmed against any cancelation or extra area opening up. The confirmation / allocation shall be done only after completing the allocation for confirmed exhibitor.

9.6 The Exhibition Authority further reserves the right to transfer or close entrances and exits of the exhibition stalls and/or removes any of the proposed amenities and undertake any structural alterations. Such re-allocations will be at the absolute discretion of the Exhibition Authority and the exhibitors shall have no claim for compensation as a result of the re-allocation as above.

9.7 There are pillars/electric panels etc. in the Exhibition Halls. The space occupied by them forms an integral part of the stall space allocated and sold. However, if the total pillar/electric panel area exceeds 1 sqm charges for space occupied will be refunded to exhibitors.

9.8 Please note that India ITME Society or its staff members shall not entertain any kind of favors or demands which may be viewed as bribes from its Associates, Service partners or any other co-ordinates directly or indirectly or through any third party. All entries pertaining to participation shall proper channel, system & on record. The participation shall be strictly of first-cum-first served basis.

  1. Administration of exhibition will be controlled by the organizer’s (India ITME Society ) from the site office i.e. at INDIA EXPOSITION MART LTD., Greater Noida. Exhibitors should contact INDIA ITME staff at the site office for taking possession of their bare space/ Shell stall, for information about obtaining various services related to the exhibition.
  2. The Organizers’ will depute INDIA ITME official at-site in each hall throughout the construction period, exhibition days and the break down period INDIA ITME officials and staff members of Organizers’ will always be available to answer queries, handle problems and be of assistance to exhibitors.
  3. Any problem which may arise on-site affecting exhibitors or contractors should immediately be referred to the Organizers’ help desk in respective halls for prompt action.

10.1 Use of stall space

10.1 a) The exhibitor is required to exhibit the approved goods and to man the stall with competent personnel during the hours of the Exhibition.

10.1 b) The exhibitor will be liable for any damage to walls, floors etc. of the structures in which the exhibits are housed.

10.1 c) Except for basic lighting provided by the Exhibition Authority, all decorations, furnishings, fittings, display, stand lighting etc. will have to be carried out and procured by the exhibitor under bare space.

10.1 d) Exhibitor shall appoint only qualified and licensed service provider for their stall construction, designing etc. for any exhibitor related services inside the venue.

10.2 Exhibition Entry / Exit Guidelines

10.2 a) Timing - Exhibition will remain open from 09.30 to 18.00 hours on all days.

10.2 b) Exhibitors will be allowed to enter the exhibition halls at 08.00 hours and leave the exhibition halls at 19.00 hours during the exhibition period.

10.2 c) To service their stalls. For security reasons, Exhibitors who want to stay beyond closing time must obtain permission in advance form the Exhibition Authority.

10.2 d) Manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, traders, retailers, factory and store owners, mechanical engineers, dealers, specialists, merchants, professionals, Consultants, Associations, financial sector, Textile waste management professionals, Fashion and textile 18 designers, Government bodies, Textile and Garment associations, Textile & Garment publications, Business journals, Home furnishing and lifestyle/fashion magazines, Software producers and designers, Research students/Academicians and business visitors are allowed entry on identity supplied by the Exhibition Authority from 9.30 hours to 18.00 hours during the exhibition period.

10.2 e) Entry to exhibition venue will be regulated and verified by entry badge/ identification

10.2 f) Children/students below 18 years of age will not be permitted entry to the exhibition halls or exhibition area during setup days, show days & dismantling days under any circumstances; even if they are accompanied by exhibitor/parents/guardian.

10.3 Possession of stalls:

10.3 a) Possession of the stall would be given only after obtaining No Dues Certificate from ITME Exhibition Authority.

10.3 b) No Dues Certificate to all exhibitors will be sent/handed over after 31.08.2021, subject to the receipt of all dues to the Exhibition Authority, including space rentals, security deposit, utility charges, & the submission of TDS Certificate in form.16A, in lieu of deduction of tax from the payments made to ITME Exhibition Authority.

10.3 c) For Shell stall holders, possession will be given from 8.00 hours onwards on 5th December 2021 only after obtaining No Dues Certificate from ITME Exhibition Authority.

10.3 d) Stall Fabricators (customized stalls) will be allowed to move inside the halls and start construction of booth bare spaces, possession will be given from the 08.00 hrs of 4th December 2021.

10.3 e) Shell Scheme stall fabricators who are bringing in heavy machinery are requested to move –in the machines on 4th December 2021.

10.4 Moving Out Period

10.4 a) The Exhibition will close officially on the evening of 13.12.2021 and all exhibits should be dismantled and moved out of the Exhibition Centre positively by 15.12.2021 to enable handing over of Exhibition Centre to the INDIA EXPOSITION MART LTD. Authorities.

10.4 b) Exhibitors must positively adhere to this schedule. The Exhibition Authority will not be responsible for payment of any penalty for delays in removal of the exhibits.

10.4 c) The removal of machines and materials from the exhibition grounds may take place starting from 20.00 hours on 13.12.2021 for all those exhibitors who have settled all accounts and have obtained the “exit pass” from the Exhibition Authority. For each removal of materials, an “exit pass” must be filled in and submitted to the Exhibition Authority for endorsement showing at the same time the “exit pass” for each single operation.

10.4 d) The “exit pass” filled and endorsed must be given to the personnel in charge of the exit doors of the Exhibition Centre, who, after checking the material to be removed, will hold the pass.

10.4 e) Freight vehicles for removing exhibition goods must enter from the designated gate of INDIA EXPOSITION MART LTD., as per schedules provided by the Organizers and will not be allowed to park inside the exhibition halls and its surrounding areas before and after reloading of exhibition goods. Freight vehicles should be parked only in the designated parking area outside INDIA EXPOSITION MART LTD. complex before reloading of exhibition goods.

10.4 f) Movement of freight vehicles will be managed by the official security agency in co-ordination with the Hall Managers and staff of the respective halls. Vehicles like Tempos, Sumo, Trax, Scorpio, Innova etc can approach only up to hall gates for loading exhibits but will not be allowed to enter the halls before 2200 on 13th December 2021.

10.4 g) Allow only goods carrying rickshaws, Maruti Vans etc to the nearest entry to the hall. However, Only small and portable items can be removed on 13th December 2021 between 18.00 to 2200 hours. light motor vehicles like Taxis, Rickshaws, and private vehicles will be permitted to reach he nearest entry of the venue on 13th December 2021 after 2000 hours, for removing exhibition material. INDIA EXPOSITION MART LTD.

10.4 h) Removal of non-portable and heave exhibits will be permitted only after 2200 hours. Heavy material can only be packed and removed on 14th December 2021 from 0900 hours onwards. Repacking /removing exhibits and material may be continued on the 2100 hours on 15th December 2021.

10.5 Exit Passes

10.5 a) The Exhibitors will be issued exit passes to facilitate the movement of their exhibits out of the Exhibition Centre at the end of the Exhibition.

10.5 b) Exit passes will be issued only after verification that all charges due have been fully paid by the exhibitor to the Exhibition Authority. The pass should be shown at the gate at the time of exit of the exhibitors and their exhibits from the Exhibition grounds.

The space rental includes the cost of supply of water. It does NOT include charges for electricity as also compressed air connection, water connection, etc. for which, separate tariffs will be prescribed in the online exhibitor manual.

11.1 Water inlet and outlet connection (Note : Water supply is not for drinking)

The exhibitor may indicate their requirement in the online manual form which will be opened for confirmed exhibitor only.

11.2 Compressed Air

The exhibitor may indicate their requirement in the online manual form which will be opened for confirmed exhibitor only.

11.3 Access to Internet

The exhibitor may indicate their requirement in the online manual form which will be opened for confirmed exhibitor only.

11.4 Power Tariffs & electrical guideline.

12.5 The exhibitor may indicate their power requirement and electrical guideline in the online exhibitor manual form which will be opened for confirmed exhibitor only.

11.5 Power Distribution

Electric power supply is available in the exhibition halls as under:

11.5 a) The load ≤ 4 kW shall be fed through single phase electrical supply at 230V AC ± 6 % and load >4kW shall be fed through 3 Phase electrical Supply at 415V AC ± 6 % The supply Frequency will ne 50Hz ± 3%.

11.5 b) Connections and requirements will be authorized by the Exhibition Authority after prescribed charges are received latest by 31.06.2021.

11.5 c) All participants should note that 1 KW supply/outlet will be compulsory in every single stall as a facility for lighting/fans in under bare space. Power supply above 4k.w, which is 3 phases in nature, may be noted please. If the connected load to a stall holder goes above 150 KW, the Exhibition Authority will provide two power outlets with Earthing.

11.5 d) The exhibitor requiring supply at voltage level other than above shall make necessary arrangement for the level matching equipment such as transformer, voltage stabilizer, inverter etc. to match the supply voltage level to their load.

11.5 e) Organizers will provide electric power at one main point to all exhibitors depending on their total requirement of power. Each individual stallholder will be responsible to get the wiring done inside the stall at his own cost for wiring of the machines, air-conditioners, lights and other electrical equipment’s and connect the wires into the power outlets in the stall. This work should be got done by a licensed electrical contractor. Connecting power more than the specified load is not permitted.

11.5 f) To ensure safety of stall personnel and visitors there should be no loose wiring or hanging wiring. All wiring must be carried out in PVC, Elastomeric or other plastic sheathed cables. No exposed cable joints are permitted.

11.5 g) The main electrical supply point must be kept easily accessible for operation and repairs in the event of emergency. These should not be concealed or covered with any partition wall/stored material. In case of emergencies these should be easily accessible for switching off.

11.5 h) Exhibitors are advised to install equipment like Voltage Stabilizers /UPS for their sophisticated machines/exhibits. If the machines are sensitive to the floor alignment, placement of steel plates underneath is recommended and charges for the same to be borne by exhibitor.

11.5 i) Exhibitors / Stand Fabricators can obtain temporary power supply for construction of stall can be made available from 8.00 hrs onwards on 3rd December 2021. By the official electrical contractor on site, however, permanent Power/ Compressed Air & Water Supply will be given after 8.00 hrs on 6th December 2021.

11.5 j) Each participant may assign the work to the competent and government license hold electrical contractors for their stall. The cost of all such electrical work within the stall will be borne solely by the exhibitors/participants.

11.5 k) The following electrical guidelines are to be strictly followed by the electrical contractor engaged by participants:

  1. For entire stall lighting the contractors shall use BIS marked PVC insulated 650/1100 V copper conductor wire
  2. For lighting circuit, the minimum wire size shall be 1.5/2.5 sq.mm PVC insulated 650V grade FRLS copper wire. For 16A power point, the minimum wire size shall be 4sq.mm PVC insulated 650V grade FRLS copper wire. The IR value of cable used shall not be less than 1MΩ when measured with 500V DC megger.
  3. Exhibitor shall ensure that, the contractor shall carry out all electrical works in the stall area as per Indian Electricity rules 2005.
  4. It is recommended to make use of low loss/ low heating choke manufactured as per IS and of reputed make namely Philips, Crompton, Bajaj, Wipro or equivalent.
  5. The contractor shall control maximum 8 lights or 800Watts from single point.
  6. Use of 3-pin top / industrial top shall be made to take supply from sockets. It is strictly prohibited to insert wires directly into socket for drawing supply.
  7. Exhibitors requesting for 3-phase supply shall draw single phase power for lighting purpose from 3-phase supply outlet using double pole MCBs. The double pole MCB/RCCB shall be arranged by the exhibitor.
  8. Wire shall be run in a safe manner through conduit or casing capping. No wire shall hang.
  9. The contractor shall lay main earth wire of size not less than phase wire for their stall from point of supply (MCB Box) conforming to IS: 3043-1987. The earth wires shall be connected to the main earth firmly. The voltage between neutral & earth shall not exceed 10V.
  10. It is mandatory to use only reputed make wires like Polycab, KEI, Anchor etc and MCB/RCCB like Legrand, Siemens, ABB, Schneider for the electrical installation.
  11. loose and joining between the wires is not permissible.
    1. Wire shall be terminated using crimping plugs.
    2. Entire installation shall be done in a safe manner,
    3. The load connected to power point shall be suitable for the desired socket.
    4. It is mandatory to use only ISI mark material for doing the electrical installation.

11.6 Prohibitions on Power Supply

The exhibitor is prohibited from:

11.6 a) Drawing electric power in excess of the connected load without the approval of the Exhibition Authority.

11.6 b) Re-selling electricity to a third party.

11.6 c) Utilizing electricity by making alterations, modification etc. to electrical equipment’s.

11.6 d) The generation, distribution and use of electricity in the Union of India are regulated by the Indian Electricity Act, 1956 as amended from time to time. The provisions of the above Act/Rules shall apply to all exhibitors.

11.6 e) The exhibitor shall allow electrical installations in his booth to be inspected and certified conforming to the relevant Acts, Rules and Specifications of the Indian Electricity Act/Rules by the Consultant Electrical Engineer at site. A completion Test report should be submitted by the license Electrical Contractor to the Exhibition Authority. Actual connected load for individual machinery/exhibits has to be mentioned in the report.

11.6 f) The Exhibition Authority reserves the right to discontinue the power supply to an exhibitor in the event of infringement of the prescribed rules and regulations.

11.6 g) The Exhibition Authority shall not be held responsible for any damage sustained by the exhibitor due to suspension, limitation or discontinuance of power supply service in case of natural disasters, failure of bulk power supply to the Exhibition, suspension of power supply for safety reasons or due to any other causes beyond the control of the Exhibition Authority or for cutting of power supply to any exhibitor for infringement of the above regulations.

11.6 h) The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any claim for damages arising out of faulty wiring in his stand, infringement of the regulations, or for any injury to third person or visitor, or damage to property of the neighboring exhibitors or the assets of the Exhibition Authority. The exhibitor shall make good any such loss to the Exhibition Authority and to the affected party.

The exhibitor may refer stall design related guideline in the online exhibitor manual form which will be opened for confirmed exhibitor only.

12.1 Exhibitors can appoint a contractor of their choice for stall design and stall construction. All the exhibitors must submit and get approved from the Architect appointed by Exhibition Authority.

12.2 A layout plan including design as per Dos’ and Dont’s laid by the exhibition authority showing the positions of machines/exhibits, fittings, furniture and office cubicles etc. with their dimensions in mtr. by 31.08.2021. Modification/alterations suggested by the Exhibition Authority/ ITME Architect will be binding on the exhibitors.

12.3 The approved layout plan including design of the stalls should be submitted to the exhibition authority before taking the possession of the stall. All exhibitors are required to keep one copy of the approved plan at stall during the construction period. Modification and /or alterations suggested by the Organizers will be binding on the exhibitors. If the actual display arrangement of the stalls is not in conformity to the approved layout plan.

12.4 Exhibitors can begin the work of installing machines and exhibits in their stalls from 04.12.2021 onwards and all work must be completed by 12.00 noon on 07.12.2021. Thereafter no work will be permitted to be carried out in the Exhibition Halls.

12.5 Organizers advices all stall holders and their contractors to store the waste material at one place within their stall area, from where the Organizers would arrange to remove the same through their official contractor.

12.6 The Contractor must submit a list of his workers working on site and should and should obtain official passes from the Organizers for hall entry during construction and break-down period.

12.7 Workers Below 18 years will not be permitted to enter the premises and undertake any work at the venue. Exhibitors to ensure that this rule is strictly adhered to by their contractors.

12.8 Ramps - disabled access Stands with an access platform or walkway higher than 50mm, must have a ramp installed. The minimum width of the ramp should be 1 meter. The slope must be uniform, up to 1:10 and completely within the stand. Level landings must be provided at the top and the bottom of the ramp and at every intermediate level where an exit door can be opened.

12.9 Stall number is mandatory to all bare space stall.

12.10 The use of balloons as decoration of stands is subject to prior consultation with the Technical Service Provider.

12.11 The Organizers reserve the right to remove or cause removal of unapproved from the stall at the cost and risk of the exhibitors.

12.12 Considering that a period of 4 days has been provided for bringing in and installing exhibits and taking trial of exhibits, it is highly desirable on the part of the exhibitors to plan arrival of exhibit cases well in advance at the INDIA EXPOSITION MART LTD., Greater Noida. immediately on commencement of the entry period viz. 03.12.2021.

12.13 The exhibitors are also advised to discuss and plan their schedules of bringing in exhibits with the approved clearing and forwarding agents to ensure timely arrival of exhibits.

To control excessive noise in the halls, exhibitors are requested to adhere the timing in live demonstration of the machines in their stalls, in the interest of conservation of energy, orderliness & uniformity. The schedule for live demonstration from on all the days of the exhibition from 08.12.2021 is given below..

10.00 a.m. to 10.20 a.m. 1st Demonstration
11.00 a.m. to 11.20 a.m. 2nd Demonstration
12.00 noon to 12.20 noon 3rd Demonstration
13.00 hours to 13.20 hours 4th Demonstration
14.00 hours to 14.20 hours 5th Demonstration
15.00 hours to 15.20 hours 6th Demonstration
16.00 hours to 16.20 hours 7th Demonstration
17.00 hours to 17.20 hours 8th Demonstration

Note: The timing on the last date will be considered up to 7th demonstration.

Exhibitors’ staff should wear proper identification on their person and shall produce whenever demanded by the authorized security personnel or representative of the ITME Secretariat any time during the construction, exhibition or dismantling periods. Anybody found to be without proper identification or of dubious character or behaving in a drunken or disorderly manner, or committing an offence, trespass or rude behavior shall be removed forthwith from the Exhibition area.

All participants should depute their technicians, well in advance so as to complete the construction of machinery and take trial demonstrations from 06.12.2021.

There are 3 systems under which shipment can be imported for any International Trade Fair / Exhibition in India:

ATA CARNET: India is a signatory to the ATA Carnet System and import of goods is governed by its rules. All exhibitors belonging to the member countries of ATA Carnet will get ATA Carnet issued from their country’s Chambers of Commerce or any agency authorized to issue Carnet duly certified by the customs. When goods arrive in India, the temporary importation for six months will be allowed on the basis of the ATA Carnet procedure.

The following categories of items will not, however, be covered and the exhibitors are advised to file separate bills of entry as the temporary imports will be governed by the Government of India’s normal rules. Supported by custom notification No. 08/2016 issued on February 5, 2016.

  • All consumable goods meant for distribution or sale which are not likely to be re-exported.
  • Goods imported through the medium of post / courier.
  • Transit goods.
  • Bank Guarantee: The temporary import of the exhibits which are not covered under ATA Carnet, will be governed by the following rules:

Local Indian Bank/Company or Official freight forwarder acceptable to the commissioner of customs can give bank guarantee on behalf of international Exhibitors to the tune of 110% of the invoice value booked by bond of 100% of value.

  • Free Trade Warehousing Zone : The temporary import of the exhibits which are not covered under ATA Carnet & Bond / BG, will be governed by the following rules:
  • The exhibitors will be required to order their freight forwarder for this services if they do not have ATA Carnet and Bond / Bank Guarantee

On an execution of separate bond with the customs the goods can be cleared by the unit holder of FTWZ on behalf of foreign exhibitor.

15.1 Customs Duty on Goods and Exhibits.

15.1 a) Under the laws of the India, all imports including hand carried items into India, whether exhibits, brochures, promotional items, giveaways or stall materials, are subject to payment of appropriate import duty. The Customs and IGST Department of India in its role of enforcing these laws requires that all imports must be covered by documentation which shows that either customs and excise duty has been paid on the said imports (wherever applicable) or is being deferred if the said imports are covered by an ATA Carnet or with necessary permissions.

15.1 b) As Organizers, we strongly recommend that the exhibitor should engage services of the Official Freight Forwarder, who is familiar with the Customs procedures and is also capable of handling exhibits and consignments from arrival in any Indian Port/Airport to final departure from any Indian Port/Airport. Should you use your own freight forwarder, please ensure that your freight forwarder is familiar with the Customs Regulations and is also in a position to provide Bank Guarantee, if required.

Documentation Required:

  • 5copies of Invoice (of exhibiting goods) in original duly signed and stamped
  • 5 copies of packing list
  • 3 originals & 3 copies of the Bill of Lading / Airway Bill
  • 1 original & 1 copy of the Certificate of Origin if any
  • 1 original & 1 copy of the Insurance Certificate
  • Catalogue of Equipment’s
  • Letter of Authority
  • Participation certificate from the organisers
  • Re-export Bond / Bank Guarantee / ATA Carnet duly endorsed by customs of the exporting country along with the authority in favour of the official freight forwarder.
  • The above documents must reach the official freight forwarder at least 10 days before arrival of the goods.

15.2 Marking of Packages:

15.2 a) Packing list giving details of items packed in boxes as per the invoice should accompany the exhibits. As far as possible, articles of the same category must be packed in one package. This will facilitate accounting and examination. Packages must be clearly marked on at least three sides displaying the following information:

Exhibitor company name: INDIA ITME 2021
Exhibition name:
Hall No. :
Booth No. :
Case No. :
Total no. of cases:
Gross wt. / Net wt.:
Dimensions (L) x (B) x (H) :

15.2 b) Handling material at the exhibition site.

  1. The exhibition materials at the venue should be handled by the approved official freight forwarding agency only, as per the exhibition rules. To provide adequate security, safety and protection against damage to the exhibition hall and in the interest of an efficient, coordinated move-in and move-out of goods, no private trucks, cars, fork-lifts or handling equipment (trolley, lift jacks, etc.) will be allowed inside any of the exhibition halls. The organisers have appointed official clearing, forwarding & on-site handling agencies for handling of exhibits at the site.
  2. For site handling operations, cargo handling equipment such as forklifts, mobile cranes and skilled labour will be available at the venue from the official agencies on hire. The rates for on-site handling will be settled by the exhibitors with these agents directly, depending upon the quantum of work and kind of job required as per the official on-site handling tariff approved by the organisers and mentioned in this manual. The official agents will have their office at the site during the pre & post exhibition periods.
  3. For overseas exhibitors, the official freight forwarders will prepare comprehensive guidelines / shipping instructions for time bound & smooth transition of exhibits right from the country of origin to the exhibition booth at the venue.
  4. It is suggested that exhibitors discuss their requirements with the official freight forwarding agents well in advance to avoid unnecessary delays & troubles.
  5. The organisers will not be responsible for damages caused to exhibits while in transit / handling at the site. Therefore, the exhibitors must insure all their exhibits against possible transit & handling damages for the exhibition.
  6. Kindly note arrival port in India for India ITME 2021 should be either Nhava Sheva or Mundra from where the General Boxes (Containers) only will be forwarded by rail to ICD Delhi / ICD – Dadri.
  7. For Special Containers such as Open Tops / Flat Racks / Flat Beds, we suggest to discharge at Nhava Sheva and post customs clearance should be truck down to show site at Noida. Kindly note special containers will not be forwarded to ICD Delhi / ICD- Dadri.

Tariff: The exhibitor may refer online manual form which will be opened for confirmed exhibitor only.

15.3 Goods & Service Tax

The Govt. of India has levied a Goods & service tax (GST) of 18% on handling charges plus on other charges except re-imbursement expenses to be invoiced by all freight forwarders and handling agents. Therefore, the same shall be charged accordingly

15.4 E-Way Bill:

15.4 a) As per government of India, every vehicle carrying goods within the state or interstate should have E-Way bill. Domestic exhibitors routing their shipments should follow the E-Way Bill system.

15.4 b) For generating E-way bill, click on the following link https://ewaybillgst.gov.in/account/EWBUsrRegistration.aspx

15.4 c) After opening the site, go to the E-way Generating system. While generating e-Way Bill, keep the following documents with you: -

  1. GSTIN of Recipient: Recipient and Sender will remain same
  2. Place of Delivery (IEML, Noida)
  3. Invoice Number
  4. Invoice Date
  5. Value of Goods
  6. HSN Code etc.

Note: Authorized person of the concerned State Government can check e-Way Bill Number during inter-State movements.

An official E-Catalogue of exhibitors and exhibits will be published in English for use by exhibitors and visitors of INDIA ITME 2021. The directory will contain the following information:

  1. Services available with their locations at the exhibition Centre.
  2. Exhibition floor plan and venue layout.
  3. Alphabetical list of exhibitors.
  4. Index of products included in the Exhibition.
  5. Advertisement in exhibition E-catalogue.
  6. Exhibitors should list in the product index only those products which are actually on display within the booth of the exhibitor.
  7. No changes will be entertained in the details of display exhibits given in online application form as per “Index of Products” with their reference numbers (should be match for B2B meetings) after 31.09.2021. as the catalogue would have to be printed well in time for distribution at the exhibition.

Note: Additional company name in catalogue is chargeable at Rs.15000/- (inclusive tax) for Indian and $215 (inclusive tax) for foreign exhibitor.

17.1 Exhibitors applying for shell scheme construction would be provided a fascia indicating company name and stand number.

17.2 The fascia will be provided to principal exhibitor only and not for their co- exhibitors/distributors/agents.

17.3 The exhibitor will not be permitted to put up any such board of his own outside or at the entrance of the stall. However, the exhibitor will be free to put up his company’s/firm’s logo, monogram or name inside the stall.

17.4 Dividers or partitions will not be allowed in front of the stalls or the border lines of the stalls or in front of the passages/alleys.

17.5 Display boards and panels should be kept inside the stall subject to the condition that the dimensions will not exceed 1.5 meters in length, width or height.

17.6 Use of bright and/or coloured decorative lights, neon signs of any size, shape or colour (including those depicting exhibitor’s name or logo) or any other similar electrical decorative materials is strictly forbidden.

17.7 Use of any type of loudspeakers or musical instruments in the stalls is forbidden.

17.8 Exhibitors are permitted to set up office/consultation cabins, but the height of the office cabins should not obscure the display of adjacent stalls. The maximum height of any structure/display should not exceed 3 meters. The maximum height of the upper storey including ground floor should be only 5 meters.

17.9 Catalogues and sales pamphlets

17.9 a) All business activities of an exhibitor must be conducted within the exhibitor’s leased exhibit area. Catalogues, pamphlets and publications pertaining to an exhibitor’s products, samples or souvenirs may be distributed by the exhibitor only from within his own exhibit area.

17.9 b) No exhibitor shall distribute literature pertaining to articles or machines not included in the Exhibition except machines or products manufactured by an exhibitor.

17.9 c) No Suitcasing - Soliciting business by those who are not registered as exhibitors distributing pamphlets/ brochures / any printing material in the aisles / public area / another company’s booth is strictly prohibited and shall be removed from the premises. Legal action to be taken. Misusing parking lots / outside area etc also are liable for strict action.

17.10 Name Boards, Stall Display, Indian Map Display (Do’s & don’t).

Read Instructions

17.10 a) The exhibitor is responsible for safety at the stand and for ensuring that industrial safety and accident prevention regulations are complied with. The exhibitor is liable for any damage that results from the construction or running of his stand or the exhibits displayed in it. Conditions inside and outside the halls as well as on the open-air site are similar to those on a building site throughout the construction and dismantling periods. The personnel working in this environment must be made aware of the dangers that exist.

17.10 b) To achieve uniformity in display and appearance of the entire exhibition and to ensure proper presentation of all exhibits, Exhibitors are advised to strictly follow the guidelines for stand construction, decoration and display specified by the Organizers.

17.10 c) There would be general lighting within the hall. Temporary electrical connection would be provided to carry on the construction work only from 0900 hrs to 2300 hrs, which will be disconnected at 2300 hrs till 0900 hrs next morning.

17.10 d) Aisles in the halls must always be kept clear, even during the construction and dismantling periods since they are required as rescue and escape routes. Construction material, empty packaging and exhibits are not allowed to be stored in the aisles.

17.10 e) Digging or grouting or cutting of floor is not permitted in any Hall.

17.10 f) To ensure safety of stall personnel and visitors, there should be no loose wiring or hanging wires. No exposed cable joints are permitted.

17.10 g) All wiring must be carried out in PVC, Elastomeric or other plastic sheathed cables.

17.10 h) Sides, which are open to the aisles, should not be blocked by any opaque panels more than 30% of the length of such side.

17.10 i) Any structure, publicity material, photographs, TV, Video Walls, Visuals, charts etc should not have height exceeding 3.0 meters (bare space) and 2.5 meters (Shell stall). However, height of products on display can be more than 2.5 meters.

17.10 j) The panels adjacent to other stand areas and the ceilings of the stand areas that are visible from above must be properly finished in neutral colour without any branding towards the adjacent stands. Electric wires must be covered by proper casing. If this is not done, Organizer will carry out the necessary work and charge all expenses to the defaulting exhibitor’s account.

17.10 k) The main supply points and electrical installations in the stand should be easily accessible and should not be concealed / covered by the panels / partitions or even by the exhibits. Access needs to be provided for electrical/ Fire panels falling within or behind any stand area.

17.10 l) Wall, if any, along the aisles, and conforming to Clause 8, should not carry any projections, texts, other than name of the exhibitor and his logo on the side facing the aisles.

17.10 m) Logos can be displayed up to a height of 5.0 meters (for bare space) and 3.5 meters for shell stall exhibitors, provided they are away from adjacent stalls by a minimum distance of 1 meter for stands with area up to 36 Sq. Mts and 2 meters for stands with area above 36 Sq. Mts.

17.10 n) Enclosures for office, conference or pantry can be set up in the stalls provided the height and area covered by such enclosures is not more than 3.0 meters and 30% of the stall area respectively. Such enclosures should be located along the building wall of the exhibition hall, if any, or at the rear of the stall. Enclosures should be at least 2 meters away from the aisles.

17.10 o) For stands with 3 / 4 open sides, there shall be no partitions more than 30% on the open sides and the inside partitions should also be such that they do not obstruct the view or aesthetics of the adjoining stand/s. In case they are found to be obstructive, such partitions shall have to be provided with clear glass / acrylic above 1.2 meters height.

17.10 p) Use of suitable floor covering inside the stall, without damaging the floor is recommended.

17.10 q) Use of loudspeakers, musical instruments etc. in the stalls is prohibited. Films, multimedia presentations, video or slide shows on products, systems and services may however be conducted within the stalls provided the sound level is kept sufficiently low to avoid causing disturbance to others. Information headphones are allowed, provided these are set up inside the stall at least 1 meter away from the aisles. Noisy demonstrations that may annoy other exhibitors are forbidden. The noise level should not be more than 60 decibels, measured at the stand limits.

17.10 r) Cellulose paints should not be sprayed on any type of object within the Exhibition Halls. Use of exhibit materials that are dangerous, inflammable, explosive, unhealthy, foul-smelling or which may, in general, annoy other Exhibitors or visitors is not permitted. Use of spray painting for stall decoration is not permitted within any hall. Organizers advise exhibitors to bring in prefabricated stand to avoid delay in completion of stands as well as inconvenience to other exhibitors.

17.10 s) Use of bright and/or colored lights, neon signs of any size, shape or colour or any other electrical decorative material is forbidden. Depicting exhibitors name or logo in non-flickering/non off-on type light is however permitted. Use of cloth banner inside and outside the stall is strictly not allowed.

17.10 t) Use of all types of publicity materials such as posters, banners, hanging decorations made of any material is not allowed outside the stall area of the exhibitors. Suspending of display items from the Hall ceiling or any other structure falling within the stands is also not permitted.

17.10 u) Posters, banners, hangings and advertisement boards will be put up by the Organizers and will be available as sponsorship opportunities for the exhibitors.

17.10 v) Use of potted plants is allowed only inside the allocated stall area of the exhibitor.

17.10 w) An exhibitor whose design has been approved by the fair architect, can commence construction after taking official possession of the stall area. No exhibitor shall be allowed to start work on their stands without prior approval of the layout plan. The decision of the fair architect as regards to the approval of the plan shall be final and binding upon exhibitors and the work must be carried out as per the approved drawing only.

17.10 x) Exhibitors are requested to note that it is the responsibility of their appointed stall-fitting contractors to clean the stalls upon completion of construction, before handing over to the Exhibitor. Thereafter, the official cleaning contractor will clean the aisles.

17.10 y) The guidelines for bare space stalls (as stated above) are also applicable to the contractors/ exhibitors carrying out interior decoration for the stalls under shell scheme.

17.10 z) Exhibitors are advised to take insurance policy covering their machinery/exhibit, transit and loading and unloading of machines, their exhibition personnel, and third parties (visitors).

17.10 aa) All participants shall take care not to use any geographical maps, phrases, pictures which are sensitive or offensive to political or religion sentiment of any nationality. Approved map of India is available at http://www.surveyofindia.gov.in/files/POL_MAP_4M_ENG_WTR.jpg for exhibitor use.

18.1 Furniture
The exhibitors will make their own arrangements for hiring of furniture. The Exhibition Authority will make available a list of approved contractors from whom the furniture can be hired at exhibitor’s own responsibility.

18.2 Storage, Removal of Waste Cleaning

18.2 a) Facilities for packing cases, surplus materials or other properties of the exhibitors at INDIA EXPOSITION MART LTD is limited. Arrangement of safe – keeping of such items must be made with the freight forwarders or should be shifted to your go-down during the constriction & dismantling period.

18.2 b) Aisles in the exhibition halls must not be obstructed with packing materials, construction materials or debris.

18.2 c) Exhibitor’s contactors will be responsible for removing their own off-cuts & waste each day of buildup & break down period.

18.2 d) It’s the responsibility of the exhibitors to get their stands cleaned & their equipment dusted in the evening after the exhibition hours by 18.30hrs.

18.2 e) The Exhibition Authority will arrange to clean the Exhibition Hall and collect waste material after the Exhibition hours from the exhibitors’ stalls.

18.3 The following facilities will be provided by the Exhibition Authority:

  1. Bank and foreign exchange facility
  2. Business Centre
  3. CCTV
  4. Drinking water
  5. Florist counter
  6. Fire Tenders
  7. Food court
  8. House keeping
  9. Information counter
  10. Left Baggage counter
  11. Media lounge
  12. Medical assistance
  13. Meeting rooms
  14. Parking area
  15. Police Help Desk
  16. Postal/courier services
  17. Protocol lounge
  18. Product Launch
  19. Public address system
  20. Registration area
  21. Sale of publications
  22. Venue security
  23. Seminar Hall / meeting rooms
  24. Toilet and provision for waste disposal
  25. Travel counter

18.4 Photographs/Films

The Exhibition Authority shall have the right to take photographs and films of the Exhibition Stalls. Prior permission of the Exhibition Authority will be essential for taking photographs and films by visitors and others.

18.5 Meeting Rooms/Seminar Hall

Meeting rooms/Seminar Hall will be available for seminars, trade meets or for screening of films and slides.

The charges per hour for booking of the Meeting rooms/seminar hall will be intimated to exhibitors in due course.

Prior booking of the Meeting rooms/seminar hall by exhibitors will facilitate firm allocations of date and time.

19.1 Security

19.1 a) The Exhibition Authority provides a day and night security service for the general surveillance of the Halls.

19.1 b) The respective exhibitor is responsible for the custody and surveillance of the stall for the duration of exhibition timings including build-up and dismantling periods. However, the exhibitors are advised to hire their own security personnel for their stalls that period.

19.1 c) Exhibitor should be careful to pack light, portable exhibits Exhibitors displaying easily removable objects are required to guard the stall from the opening time and till the very last minute of the evening closure.

19.1 d) Easily removable exhibits or valuables must be locked in the evening in drawers or cupboards.

19.1 e) Specific requests for a security service at the tariffs in force can be submitted to the Exhibition Authority for assistance.

19.2 Insurance & Safety

19.2 a) Exhibitors must arrange their own statutory, medical insurance, to cover all stages of the event.

19.2 b) Insurance cover will be taken by the Exhibition Authority for the Exhibition halls in general. Exhibitors will have to make arrangements for insuring their individual stalls/machines/any other material.

19.2 c) Third party insurance, accident insurance of exhibitor’s personnel, handling damage insurance, other statutory insurance etc. should be covered by the exhibitors.

19.2 d) All the foreign exhibitor should have the medical insurance, organizer shall not take of any medical responsibility expenses for foreign exhibitors other than first aid at venue.

19.2 e) The generally accepted safety rules relating to technology, labour safety and accident prevention should be observed in all the display arrangements. Proper safety guards must be provided on machines for protection from flying chips, sparks, heat etc.

19.2 f) The Exhibition Authority reserves the right to prohibit the operation of machines or equipment, if in their opinion, these pose danger and annoyance to visitors and other exhibitors.

19.2 g) Exhibitor shall ensure the safety of all his workmen, materials and their belongings.

19.2 h) Exhibitor shall not be entitled to claim for any damages or compensation from INDIA ITME SOCIETY for lapses by self at their booth by contractors, staff employed by them.

19.2 i) Exhibitors appointing contractors / sub-contractors / any agency should have government approved licenses and complete all the statuary requirements for their staff members. Exhibitors will have to make their own arrangements for insuring their individual stalls / exhibits / any other materials.

19.2 j) Third party insurance, accident insurance of exhibitors personnel as well as insurance of their contractors / sub-contractors / any agency staff, handling damage insurance should be covered by exhibitors or their contractors / sub-contractors / any agency, will be mandatory. Organisers are not responsible for any kind of losses, claims, damages and causes of legal action arises out of due to negligence and poor performance from their activities at the venue.

19.3 Fire Prevention

19.3 a) The Exhibition Authority will make necessary arrangements for fire prevention equipment’s within the Exhibition Hall.

19.3 b) The exhibitors are expected to acquaint themselves with the positions of the nearest fire hydrants.

19.3 c) Exhibitors are, however, advised to take due precautions & provide necessary equipment in their own stalls. Exhibitors should also install Guards or protector on machines/exhibits during demonstration to avoid injury to visitors. Fire Tenders with fireman will be on duty near the exhibition halls during Setup, Exhibition & dismantling period.

19.3 d) All exit/entry areas and exit aisles must be kept clear and unobstructed.

19.3 e) Compressed gas cylinders are prohibited in the exhibition area.

19.3 f) All temporary wiring must be accessible and free from debris and storage material.

19.3 g) No Storage materials of any kind is allowed behind booths or near electrical services.

19.3 h) All empty cartons and crates must be labeled and removed for storage.

19.3 i) Helium balloons are not allowed inside the halls.

20.1 Once the Exhibition Authority receives the applications for space booking, cancellation of participation or reduction in space requirements by exhibitors will be subject to the following charges to be paid /adjusted against advance amounts received from the exhibitors.

20.2 75% cancellation charge will be levied on the application amount paid, if participation is withdrawn on or after 30.04.2021. Cancelation after 30.06.2021 shall forfeit the 100% amount.

20.3 The date on which written communication conveying cancellation or reduction of stall space is received by the Exhibition Authority will be considered as the effective date for determining the cancellation charges.

20.4 The advance amount paid will be refunded if the application is rejected by the Exhibition Authority. However, cancellation by the exhibitor would be subject to rules and regulations. The advance amount / refundable amount will be paid after deducting applicable taxes.

All exhibitors must respect and are liable for ensuring protection for the immaterial rights of other exhibitors and of third parties such as e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights etc. for the products they display at INDIA ITME 2021 in accordance with current provisions of law. All necessary measures shall be taken by the exhibitor before displaying his products. India ITME 2021 exhibition authority is exempt from any liability in connection with the violation of immaterial rights by an exhibitor.

Whenever necessary, the Exhibition Authority shall have the right to issue supplementary regulations in addition to these regulations and guidelines to ensure the smooth management of the Exhibition. Any additional written regulations or instructions shall form part of the terms and regulations for participation and shall be binding on the exhibitor.

The implementation of these regulations or supplementary stipulations laid down by the Exhibition Authority relating to the Exhibition shall be deemed to be domiciled at the office of the Mumbai Courts. All disputes arising from the exhibitor’s participation and from the enforcement of the regulations laid down by the Exhibition Authority shall be judged according to Indian laws and subject to Mumbai Courts jurisdiction.

The exhibitor agrees to comply with all the Regulations contained herein and to such other regulations as may be notified by the Exhibition Authority from time to time relating to the participation of exhibitors in INDIA ITME 2021. Applicants should read all regulations carefully and conform to them fully.

The exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Exhibition Authority and its Office-Bearers, Steering Committee Members, Executive Director, officers, employees and members and hold them and each of them harmless from and against any and all claims arising out of the acts of the exhibitor, his agents, representatives and employees, and all contractors, erectors, delivery persons, suppliers and material persons, furnishing services, delivery work or materials at the instance of the exhibitor.

General Safety

Contractors and Subcontractors Responsibility

  1. Provide all safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) required to complete the contracted scope of work. PPE equipment must meet or exceed the Standards.
  2. In the event of an incident, ensure that copies of Material Safety Data Sheets are immediately available for all products that will be brought onto Management.
  3. Notify IEML Management when hot work is to be performed (welding, cutting, etc.). Hot work permit (See Annexure) should be obtained and filed with IEML Management team.
  4. Work areas should be properly secured and signage should be posted to identify PPE required at the project site and hazards posed by site activities.
  5. If non-contractor persons need to enter or pass directly through the work area, the contractor may be expected to provide appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for such visitors at anytime. The PPE to be made available is dependent on the hazards posed by construction activities. Typically, hard hats and safety glasses are required.
  6. Co operate with any direction given by IEML Management in the interest of health, safety and welfare of persons
  7. Avoid careless or intentionally reckless activity, or the misuse of any equipment.
  8. Any work to be carried out at heights that require the use of ladders, scaffolding or an elevated work platform must only be carried out by a qualified person and must comply with all relevant regulations. Any person an elevated work platform must have the appropriate training or certificate.
  9. Provide such information, instruction, training and supervision as may be necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of your workers.
  10. The consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs on the site or anywhere in the IEML is prohibited. Working under the influence of these substances is strictly forbidden.
  11. The IEML is a “No Smoking” precinct. Smoking is not permitted in the IEML including plant rooms, lifts, toilets and fire corridors.
  12. Organizer’s demised premises should not be used as a place of residence or sleeping or accommodation of any person.
  13. Exhibitors will not be permitted to fasten machines or any part of display to walls, columns or floor. Foundations, anchorage, bolt holes and holes of any type shall not be drilled in the exhibit floor columns or walls.
  14. In case of Exhibitors are responsible for restoring the exhibit floor to its original condition must be repaired to the specifications outlined by the venue Authority. In case the Exhibition space is restored to specifications, the security deposit will be refunded in full. If not repaired to the satisfaction of the Venue Authority the security deposit will be adjusted against the damage to the floor/cost of repairs by the venue Authority.

Under the conditions of force majeure, which also includes strike, lock-out, bandh or riot, natural calamities and terrorist attack etc., the Exhibition Authority reserves the right to alter the opening dates and durations or even cancellation of the entire Exhibition. In case of change in dates and duration of the exhibition, the rules and regulation and the agreement between the exhibitors and the Organizers will remain unaffected. In case of total cancellation of the Exhibition, the stall rental will be refunded to the exhibitors after deducting the proportionate non – recoverable costs already incurred by the Exhibition Authority

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